This is where I pull together all the dispersed bits of my online professional life. You’ll find my phd thesis, a (mostly) up-to-date list of my publications, slides and videos of presentations I’ve done, and a few news blog type items.

I’m a strategic designer and human centred design coach. I specialise in enabling design led and human centric organisations and experiences through coaching, workshop design and facilitation, strategic design and research. I am deeply curious about people, their behaviour, motivations and experiences.I work with individuals and organisations to design human centred systems, services and experiences to create positive change in the world, using human centred design.

I have a PhD in design thinking. My research focused on understanding design thinking in practice in large organisations.  I am particularly interested in mindset and learning. Within my PhD I explore how people learn design thinking and grow to mastery. In addition, I also investigated how design thinking is applied in practice and the interdependencies involved in creating quality outcomes.

I have a diverse background having worked both on the consulting side and internally within a corporate in strategic design and enabling customer centric organisations. I also have experience as a university lecturer, social media and online community manager, information and knowledge manager across a variety of contexts. I write and present about design mindset, human centred design, design maturity, design thinking, user experience, service design, human centricity and empathy.

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